Urs KGN 809-2021

Urs 809-Urs 2021 MAI TAMAM AASHIQ E GARIB NAWAZ KA TAHE DIL SE KHAIR MAKHDAM HAI. Ajmer urs mai lakhon log aate hai aur apne dil ki muradeen pate hai, Urs Sharif Huzoor Mola Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty Sahab ka jis mai her koom aur her mazhab ke log Urs mai aate hai her taraf loogon ka ek hoojum rehta hai jo Insaano ka Daryaa sa nazar aata hai aap tamam Aashiqe Hazrat Khwaja Garib Nawaz se guzarish hai Urs 809 mai aane ki tayyari ker laye aur railway Train tickets Air tickets book ker laye InshaAllah 809 Urs 2021 Urs Ajmer Sharif Dargah 9 Feb 2021 se Shuru hoga aur Chatti Sharif 19-20 Feb 2021 ki rahegi ( Chand per depend hai ek din ka farq aa sakta hai).
809 urs langer ke liye donations bhaij sakte hai.

AJMER URS 809 world famous Ajmer Sharif Urs 809, 2021 in Dargah of HAZRAT KHWAJA SYED MOINUDDIN CHISHTY, ajmer urs coming soon

world mai mashoor Ajmer Urs Ajmer Dargah.

20 Feb 2021 CHATTI SHARIF in Ajmer

809, Urs Mubarak Ajmer START FROM 9 Feb 2021, khwaja garib nawaz,
Inviting you all devotees in world famous Ajmer Sharif 809 in Darbar of HAZRAT KHWAJA SYED MOINUDDIN CHISHTY, in Ajmer Sharif

(Urdu 29th Jamadiul Aakhir) (Chand Raat) Urs Ajmer Sharif. In Urs from 1st of Rajjab Darbar will be open from 5 am (early morning) to 1 am (night) for performing ziarat by the pilgrims,

In Urs From 9 Pm to 10:30 PM Darbar will close for Khidmat and Gusul after that Darbar will reopen.

809, Urs Mubarak Ajmer 809, Urs Mubarak Ajmer 9 Feb to 28 Feb 2021

Be a Member for 12 months and as you like you can contribute for monthly Niaz of Khwaja Sb. (R.A.) Whoever would like to be a member If you or any of your relatives, friends and neighbors wish to take part in this noble deed CHATTI SHARIF OF every month & send it by MoneyGram,Western Union & by registered, post before "MONTHLY NIAZ OF CHHATI SHARIF"


Inviting you all devotees in world famous Ajmer Sharif in Darbar of HAZRAT KHWAJA SYED MOINUDDIN CHISHTY, in Ajmer Sharif

World GREATEST urs date 809, urs date 2021 Urs Mubarak Ajmer 9 Feb to 28 Feb 2021 Aashiqu-E-Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A.)

Hope by the grace of Allah Paak and for the sake of Panjetan Paak (A.S.) and through the mediation of blessing of Huzoor Gharib Nawaz (R.A.) you are hale and hearty along with your family. I pray for all of you for the all well-beings.
You will be pleased to know that 808 Urs Ajmer Sharif (Islamic 1st Rajab to 14th Rajab)

the Annual URS Sharif festival will be held in this year. Near about 15 to 20 lacks of devotees from every corner of the world use to come to visit the holy tomb Urs Ajmer Sharif and through the mediation of blessing of Khwaja Baba. In In Urs Ajmer Sharif People from all religious, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist and all casts and creeds, high and low classes use to come to this Darbar. There are no discrimination over hear Because Khwaja Sahab. (R.A.) conveys the message of humanity and love to all. In Urs Ajmer Sharif this is effective even to day. Every body come to Darbar in Urs Ajmer Sharif and fulfills hearty desires. In Urs Ajmer Sharif Vast crowd of pilgrims from every corner of the world come over here every one’s hearty and cherished desires being fulfilled. With great pleasure In Urs Ajmer Sharif I am cordially inviting you to visit the Darbar of Hazrat Khwaja Syed Moinuddin Chishty Known as Gharib Nawaz (R.A.) of Ajmer Sharif Rajasthan (India).

In Urs Ajmer Sharif I will pray for you and for your family at Darbar for all well-being. May Allah Paak keep all of you always hale and hearty, bestow flourishment in earning, fulfill all hearty desires and keep safely from all troubles, enemies, diseases and all evils (Ameen)

In Urs Ajmer Sharif Presents yourselves in the Darbar or take share in nazar-o-niyaz and ‘Langar’ (food distribution) .If you would like to send presents in Urs Ajmer Sharif, for Darbar, you can send to Darbar write my name and address by registered post only. You also invite your acquaintances the devotees of Khwaja Sahab or ziarat and take part in Nazar-O-Niyaz in Urs Ajmer Sharif.

Please reply me. You will contact me my E-mail Address & my cell 00+91+9829073492, if you want Tabaruqat (Parshad) please inform me. I will send you tabaruqat after Urs Ajmer Sharif.

My son Shah Syed Ali Abbas Gurdezi is conveying salaam to all of you.

Please convey this message of love to all the devotees Muslims, Hindu, brothers and sisters in your region.

Urs Festival of Shrine Dargah Khwaja Syed Moinuddin Chishti Ajmer Sharif is Mostly called by different names by the Pilgrims / Devotees through out the world, such as.. Urs Khwaja Gharib Nawaz, Urs Khwaja Ajmeri, Urs Dargah Khwaja Sahib, Urs Dargah khwaja Saheb, Urs Khwaja Baba, Urs Chatti Sharif, Urs Sharif Ajmer, Urs Dargah Sharif Ajmer, Urs Shrine Ajmer, Urs Chishti, Urs Sufi, Urs Ajmer Sharif, Urs Ajmer

Your Prayerfully Brother,
A/C BANK ICICI -018501-510616
Please convey this message of love to all the devotees Muslims, Hindu, brothers and sisters in your region.
Awaiting your early response as an acknowledgement.
808th AJMER URS sharif PROGRAMMED, 808th URS sharif Ajmer PROGRAMMED,

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