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Description of Ajmer Dargah offering Chadar on the Tomb (Mazaar)

The 'Gilaaf' which is beingoffered on Kabe-Sharif is also for respect and protection. Since from the period of Sarwar-E-Qainat (S.A.W.) it has been resumed and as per certain descriptions Hazrat Ibrahim(A.S.) offered 'Gilaaf' on Kabe-Sharif' at first. The detail in "Roohul-Bayan" is that Sheikh Abdul Ghani Nabansi (R.A.) said in "Kash funnar onn as-habul quboor" that the custom of laughing is 'sunnat'. To make a dome, to offer 'Gillaf' (chaadar) on the tombs of Auliya, Suleha and Ulama is legal. It intends that to be respected by the people. So that, the people does not think this tomb low and like this to light on the tombs (mazaar) of Auliya and Saleha is also a kind of respect and care. Because it is legal and cannot be forbidden.


It means :
Remove the veil from the tomb of Rasoolallah (S.A.W.) for me. When the veil is removed, she weeped so much where as she died ultimately. In the dictionary 'Kashf' means to remove veil from an object. In hadees "it is proved that the gilaaf was lying on the tomb and Hazrat Ayesha (R) gifted the dignity of ziyarat of the tomb (mazaar) of Rasulallah (S.A.W.) If the pilgreems come to the tombs (mazaar) of Auliya Allah with respect and regards, pray through their mediations and offer 'Gilaaf' then there is no evidence against this in shariyat.

I am witing these topics for this reason that Auliya is that kind of devotee of AllahPaak to whom his tomb (mazaar) is being bestowed. His every work is involved in remembering and worshiping AllahPaak only. He never hankers after wealth and passion like human beings.


Whereas for Hazrat Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A.) he is Aal-E-Nabi, Aulad-E-Ali and 'Sayed'. "Sayed" means 'Sardar'. He is from the light (Noor) of AllahPaak. This is the Darbar of an emperor. There are lacks of chaadars are being offered over here and the 'Urs' is the exceptional matter. During the ordinary days from the morning to evening Hindu, Muslim, Shikh, Christian use to present at Darbar and feel peace in mind and attain virtual.

In the past the Darbar of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz, the emperors offered 'Gilaaf' on which the real gold, silver and precious stones were studded. Now a days, on the best quality cloths on which real works of flowers, Macca, Madina Sharif, Kalma name of Panjetan Paak (A.S.) are embroidered are being offered. This 'Chaadar' is the dress of the Mazaar Paak of Huzoor Gharib Nawaz (R.A.) itre is also being offered on the tomb, sandal-wood powder is also offered till the morning and evening through out the year. Which is being raised during the Urs. To eat this sandal all types of diseases get cured and get safety from all dangers and misfortune. But condition is to eat with deep faith. A white cloth called 'Nima' is being offered on the sandal and it cover the mazaar paak entirely. This 'Nima' suppose to as like as 'kurta' and on this nima the chaadar (gilaaf) made of velvet and best quality cloth is being offered. It covers the mazaar paak entirely and it is suppose to as like as 'Sherwani' on this only the upper portion, a white cloth (9 mtrs. length) is being also offered. Suppose it is as like as 'Imama' Then flower beds, garlands are being offered. This is performed daily.

Sehre' chade hue hai Moula ki Rahmaton ke,
Dulah bana hua hai Khwaja ka 'Aastana'.

As per quintal flowers are being offered and thousands of chaadars are also being offered. In which some small chaadars are also being offered. But we send these small chaadars to other places as Delhi, Jaipur, or out of the city. Many of the pilgrims use to take with them for well beings and offer on the graves of their superiors. It is a great reason that throughout the year the devotees and the believers of Khwaja Sb (R.A.) flock together at the Darbar. When the Urs of Khwaja Sb. (R.A.) commences, then the mediation of this Urs, so many Urs of the other are Dargahs being celebrated. Because when the pilgrims come over here, before coming they use to present also at other Dargah on the way. This is the matter of devotees. Some of the come on foot only crossing thousand miles distance. Who has no child comes by rolling down to present at Darbar from thousand miles distance. 2 or 3 months before the Urs they set out for coming over here.

His mother, Hazrat Sayeda Ummul Wara Bibi Mahenoor is quoted as saying:

"As soon as I conceived this beloved son, Moinuddin, the house seemed to be full of blessings and prosperity. Our enemies turned into friends and sometimes I had pious and auspicious dreams. When Almighty below life into the embryo, I started hearing exaltation from my abdomen regularly since midnight till dawn. On hearing this auspicious voice, I used to be overjoyed and when he was born, my house was shining with a divine light."

Ajmer Chaadar (The dress of Mazaar Paak)

Darbar -e-Rasool-e-Paak Hazrat Mohammed Mustufa (S.A.W)

Dargah Sharif (Aastana Aaliya)

Ajmer Chader


This is the court (Darbar) of Khwaja Syed Moinuddin Chishty (R.A.), "Gharib Nawaz". The silver fencing was presented by the emperor Shahjahan over here. The chadar on the Mazaar Sharif is seen here which is offered by devotees of Khwaja Sb. (R.A.) It is a kind of Nazrana-E-Aqidat' (Gift) which can be offered personally towards the Darbar.

1,The measurement of this chadar is 42 mts. long, covers entire Mazaar-Paak. So, it is called as the dress of mazar-paak.
2, Flowers, itre, rose-water are also being offered along with the chadar.
3,Ordinary or costly clothes are being used for this chadar on the costly chadar embroidery works, pearl and silver wires are being used and Yaseen-Sharif, name of the Panjetan Paak (A.S.), Macca, Medina & Dargah are embroidered.
4,Devotees offer the chaadar as per their capacities. Generally, people use to offer small chaadar as per capacity, but as it is not enough for the entire Mazaar-Paak so we use to offer small chaadar as per capacity, but as it is not enough for the entire mazaar-paak so we use to send to the other Mazars all over the World.
5,The particular chadar of 42 mts. is being offered turn by turn until it get damaged. Special prayers are being offered on behalf of that devotees by name and later we keep this chaadar in the store of Darbar.
You can also offer this kind of Gift AJMER CHADER the "dress of Mazaar Paak" towards the Darbar either during the auspicious occasion of the Ajmer Urs-Mubarak or in any ordinary days.

Here are few photographs of the chaadars with full embroidery works and taking towards the Darbar by devotees:

Devotees from Maharastra presents 801 meters big Chader in URS 808/2020.

The Ajmer Chadar (Gilaaf) on which Kalma-E-Pak and name of Allah Paak and Macca-Madina is written
PRICE(Hadya): $ 601, £ 350

This is Ajmer Chadar 'Shahi Chaadar' on which the golden real work is done and the design of Kalma, Qurani Ayats are being designed with full work
LENGTH : 42 MTS., WEIGHT : 40 KG.,
PRICE(Hadya) : $ 601, £ 350

Ajmer Chadar The chaadar (Gilaaf) on which the Dargah Sharif is designed
WEIGHT : 30-40 KG., PRICE (Hadya) : $ 429, £ 250

Ajmer Chadar The chadar (Gilaaf) on which Mecca Sharif is embroidered is kept in a basket (made of cane) decoratively. Pilgrims use to keep this on head and go to the Darbar to offer.

Ajmer Chadar Chaadar (Gilaaf) on which Kalma and Macca and Madina is written (embroidered on it)
LENGTH: 42 MTS, WEIGHT : 40 Kg.,
PRICE (Hadya): $ 1000, £ 500

Ajmer Dargah Chadar It is also a 'Gilaaf' on which the design of Dargah Sharif is made by full embroidery work.
PRICE : $ 700, £ 350

Ajmer Dargah Chadar The "Gilaaf" on which the 'Madina Sharif', 'Gumbad-E-Khizra' is designed by full thread-work.
WEIGHT : 20 Kg,PRICE : $ 300, £ 150

Ajmer Dargah Chadar This is Chaadar made of best quality of cloth. 42 mts. long. But simple designed without any special work.
WEIGHT : 20 Kg, PRICE : $ 200, £ 101

Ajmer Dargah Chadar The AJMER BIG Chaadar (Gilaaf) on which full real zari-work, Kalma, Aayatul Kurci, & name of Panjetam Paak (A.S) Macca,Madina and full designs of flowers are being made.
LENGTH: 42 mts., WEIGHT : 40 - 60 Kg., PRICE : $ 2200, £ 1190

Ajmer Dargah Flowers Shop

Ajmer Dargah Chadar GILAAF (DARBARI LIBAAS):

Small Chaadar: Kalma Written. Hadya($ 201 £ 101)

Small Chaadar: 42 Mts. Embroidered, Kalma written & name of Panjetan Paak.Hadya($ 500 £ 250)

Shahi Chaadar: 42 Mts. It is being offered on the holy tomb ( Rawza Mubarak) as a 'gift’ of love & adoration. It can be offered any time. Keep 'Mannat' and after fulfillment of 'Mannat' (for which you kept), offer the 'Shahi Chaadar'(Darbari Libaas). It is fully embroidered. ' Makkah', Madina' & Dargah Sharif are also designed on it. Hadiya ($ 1000 $ 2200 - £ 500, £ 1100)

Ajmer Dargah Chadar SHAMIYANA

Full set of Darbar Sharif - (For interior. decoration of Darbar)
1. Big Umbrella upon the tomb inside dome
2. Small Umbrella upon the holy tomb.
3. (Jhalar) Holy names written around the umbrella.
4. 2 set curtains. (Embroidered Curtains)
5. Shahi Chaadar 42 Mts.'Shahi Chaadar'(Darbari Libaas). It is fully embroidered. ' Makkah', Madina' & Dargah Sharif are also designed on it.

Ajmer DARGAH Big Umbrella upon the tomb inside dome.
Ajmer DARGAH Small umbrella upon the holy tomb.
Ajmer DARGAH Big Umbrella upon the tomb inside dome.
Ajmer DARGAH Small umbrella upon the holy tomb.

Note: If You like, you can offer any of the above mentioned-"Chadar', Gilaaf, Full-set'. You can offer 'Full-set' by sharing with your friends, relatives, neighbors and devotees of Khwaja Sahab. So you can jointly offer any of the above mentioned offerings. By this, everybody can be presented themselves and participated at the Darbar too. If you want to offer, write to me. I will arrange everything on behalf of you.