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9th Rajab (Gusal Ceremony)

On the 6th Rajab at 1:00 P.M. (Noon) after the Fateha Qul, Urs-Mubarak is generally concluded and every function like everyday are being performed. But the last ceremony of the Urs-Mubarak is being performed on the 9th Rajab. This is called the ceremony of Gusal-Mubarak.

The specialty of this ceremony is at 8:00 A.M. (Morning) the Roza-Mubarak is closed and at this time only khadims are present inside and wash (gusal) the Mazaar Paak by Rose-Water, Keoda and Itre. This ceremony continues for one hour and during this one hour when the khadims wash the Mazaar-Paak, at this same time pilgrims wash (gusal) the outer side of the Mazaar-Paak Dargah area by their own hands and feel themselves fortunate through this khidmat. For washing the Dargah area they also use through the "Mashakwalla" or take the "Mashkiza" (water bag made of leather) and wash the floor of Dargah area. Thus on the 9th Rajab entire Dargah Sharif is washed and cleaned. Thus the Urs Mubarak is concluded.

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