Let's go to Ajmer


Let's go to Ajmer

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    In response to the offering flowers on tomb (Grave) there is a Hadees in a "Sahi Bukhar" follows:- Hazrat Ibne Abbas said that Rasoolullah (S.A.W.) passes by two graves and said "here the are suffering anguish. Because, one of them is backbiter and other did not take precaution for wine". Ibne Abbas said, "Rasoolullah (S.A.W.) takes a grew branch and make into two pieces and key on each one grave and said that until these branch get dried. I hope the will feel relief from anguish.


    There is a had in "Bukhari Sharif" that Hazrat Bareeda Salmi (R) made his will that on his grave two pieces branches of dates should have to be kept.


    There is written in Fatava-E-Almgiri, "To keep rose and flowers on the grave is good". In Fatave-e-Gharaieb, " To keep rose and flowers on the grave is good, because, until these are fresh and use to recite Darud Sharif the dead person set relief through this "Tasbeeh"


    As per Hadees, Huzoor Rasool-E-Paak (S.A.W.) said " When a person bring a gift for you then you give him a better gift than him"


    Sihaba appealed, "Ya Rasoolullah (S.A.W.) we are poor, then which gift we can give?" Rasoolullah (S.A.W.) replied, "A glam of water is also a gift now attention that to offer flowers on the Mazaar (tombs) of superiors, to offer gift to him with this hope that they will be slow better sift to us, means for our purposes and necessity they will recommend for us to Allah, so flowers are being offered on Mazaars (Tomb).


    To offer flowers on the grave is "Sunnat" and until these flower or green leaves, branches get dried, they use to recite Darud Sharif and by the grace of this Darud Sharif  dead person get releif from anguish in the grave.


    Towards the Darbar of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A.) or towards the Darbar (Mazar) of any Vali of Allah you and we offer flowers. It is Sunnat-E-Rasool (S.A.W.), but it is not only that for getting relief from anguish, flowers are being offered.  It is for that, along with "Sunnat" this is a kind of gift (Nazrana-E-Aqidat) to offer flowers, after rose-water and the Chaadar for whole Mazaar Sharif are also a gift.


    As for an example, if any of your superior or Peer. Who lives out of your city or country, and you will take gift for him, such as, cloth for Sherwani, alter which will be very special for him. Beside this, What ever you like to give him it is separate whenever the people of the world take part in any ceremonies of a superior they give the gift of garlands bouquet to him. The person who goes for Hajj garland and altar are being offered. 


    But Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty (R.A.) "Gharib Nawaz" is Aal-E-Nabi, Aulad-E-Ali. Through you are not exist in the world but you  are still alive and bestows grace.


At the Darbar of Khwaja Sb. (R.A.) by the grace of Allahpaak. There are tones of roses flowers are being offered daily from morning to evening. up to 12 months this tradition is being continued .


    You come to Ajmer Sharif and observe this came with your own eyes. As it is the Darbar of an emperor of Khwaja's (KHWAJA-E-KHWAJGAN).



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