Most Masha-ikh write his name only as Hubairah. Some say Abu Hubairah. His title was Ameenud Deen. He was born in Basrah in the year 167 Hijri. By the age of 17 he was an Aalim, Faadhil and Hafiz of the Qur’aan. Mujaahadah was his habit from an early age. He would recite two Qur’aan Majeed daily.

After striving for 30 years, he cried profusely, for he believed himself to be a failure in the spiritual path. A voice from the ghaib gave him the glad tidings of Jannat and he was instructed to join the company of Khwajah Al-Mar’ashi to learn Faqeeri (i.e. Sulook). Since he had already struggled (made mujaahadah) for 30 years, within a week he achieved perfection under Hadhrat Huzaifah Al-Mar’ashi. After a year he was appointed khalifah.

He loved solitude dearly. His entire life was spent in one room. He would cry so much that people thought he would die. He abandoned all delicious foods.

Whenever he intended to probe an issue, he would be apprized thereof by a moment of tawajjuh (spiritual concentration). Knowledge would thus be revealed for him inspirationally.

Hadhrat Hubairah says that when the mantle of khilaafat was conferred to him, the Rooh of Rasulullah (صلى الله عايه وسالم) and the Arwaah (souls) of all the Akaabir (Seniors) of Sulook were revealed. All were making dua for him.

His Demise
Hadhrat Hubairah (rahmatullah alayh) passed away on 7th Shawwaal 287 Hijri. Some have written 279 Hijri. His grave is in Basrah. He reached the age of 120 years.

All Branches of Tasawwuf which emanated from him are called Hubeeriyyaa. He may have had several khulafaa. However, I am aware of only Khwajah Mumshaadi who is a member of our Silsilah. His discussion will now follow.